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Tax Advice

Taxes are the money that United States citizens and residents of the United States pay to federal, state, and local governments. With the money of the taxes the services that the government offers are paid.

There are different types of taxes, such as income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes. Income taxes: These are taxes that are paid to the federal government and, in certain cases, state and local governments on your income.

Property taxes: These are state and local taxes based on the value of your home and land. Property taxes are generally used to help fund local public schools and other services.

The fulfillment of the payment of taxes is taken very seriously since it is an obligation of every citizen or resident (temporary or permanent) that generates income. It is administered and controlled very strictly through the Internal Revenue Service, known by its acronym IRS. Its annual presentation, every April 15, is usually a headache for the inhabitants who resort to the use of special software or hiring the services of tax experts, M&M; Home Investors provides all the advice to its investors so that the payment of taxes is as friendly as possible.

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